A large-scale, easy-to-use map of the Sturtevant Falls Trail for people hiking & biking the trails that encompass the Chantry Flat recreation area in the Angeles National Forest. The map is hand-drawn & lettered with particular attention given to trail junctions, stream crossings & points of interest.

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Sturtevant Falls Trail

The Most Detailed Map of the Sturtevant Falls Trail Area

The Sturtevant Falls Trail Map is available in paper print and on the Android Marketplace.
Sturtevant Falls Trail

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Areas Covered



  • Hoegees
  • Spruce Grove

Picnic Areas

  • Chantry Flat
  • Cascade

Trail Junctions

  • Roberts Camp
  • Fern Lodge
  • First Water
  • Falling Sign
  • Upper Mt. Zion
  • Lower Mt. Zion

Trail Head

  • Gabrielino Trail
  • Upper Winter Creek


  • Mt. Zion

Fire Roads

  • San Olene Truck Trail

Abandoned Roads

  • Burma Road


  • Winter Creek
  • Big Santa Anita Canyon
  • East Fork
  • North Fork
  • Bear Trap Canyon
  • McKinley Canyon
  • Bay Tree Canyon
  • Goodwater Canyon

Place Names

  • Tin Can Point
  • Hoegees Dropoff
  • Movie Set Rocks
  • Big Bend
  • Laughing Waters

All Points of Interest Covered.

Hand Drawn Map by Old School Cartographer Chris Kasten

Sturtevant Falls Trail Map, Hand Drawn From Scratch

Like most maps of the Great Outdoors, the source of the layout comes from a USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) topographical map. In this case, the source map is the 7.5 minute Mt. Wilson quadrangle, commonly available through outdoor equipment retailers.

Topographic maps provide an unparalleled depiction of the landʼs shapes, slope, water courses, vegetation and elevations. Also, these maps depict a specific location on the earthʼs surface and cover a variety of scale. The imprint of humans on the landscape are illustrated as well. Everything from road networks, hiking trails and fire breaks are drawn into the natural background of canyons and ridges. Other features such as campgrounds, cabins, communication sites, reservoirs, tunnels, benchmarks, property lines and more can be found on these versatile maps.

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Simple. Detailed. Adventure.

Simple & Easy To Use.

Finally, a large scale easy to follow map of the Sturtevant Falls Trail & Big Santa Anita Canyon area for navigating through this beautiful place! Paper copy is a 15" x 22" rectangle. Unlike many conventional maps that you might already have, this oneʼs a bit different.

Extremely Detailed.

This map has a scale of 1 foot to 4,200 feet or to be said another way, 1:4,200. The Mt. Wilson topographic map has a scale of 1:24,000. What this means is that youʼll enjoy a map with nearly six times the scale!

Discover Adventure.

Youʼll recognize such features as stream crossings, trail junctions and other critical points much easier along your route than with conventionally scaled maps. Campgrounds, picnic areas and waterfalls show up clearly and are easily found.

Meet Chris Kasten

Chris Kasten - Map of the Sturtevant Falls Trail

Professional Cartographer & Geologist

My interest in the Big Santa Anita Canyon began in 1974 when I was 12 years old. Within 24 hours of first contacting the place during a family picnic on a hot June day, I was on my first backpack trip to Hoegees with a friend. My curiosity and enthusiasm for this part of the Angeles National Forest continues to this day 38 years later!

Besides hiking to as many places as my legs would carry me, I became a volunteer for the U.S. Forest Service at the Chantry Flats Ranger Station. During my volunteer activities, repairing and improving hiking trails became a passion. My interests in trails soon led to exploring the remnant sections of the long abandoned Mt. Zion trail that connects Sturtevant Camp with Hoegees.

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Physical Paper copy is 15"x22". Android App is available through Google Play. For more information, click here.