This is a large-scale, easy-to-use map for people hiking and biking the trails that encompass the Chantry Flat recreation area in the Angeles National Forest. The map is hand-drawn and lettered with particular attention being given to trail junctions, stream crossings and points of interest.

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Physical Sizes: Chantry Flats Map is 15"x22". Trails of Wrightwood map is 28"x19"



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Areas Covered



  • Hoegees
  • Spruce Grove

Picnic Areas

  • Chantry Flat
  • Cascade

Trail Junctions

  • Roberts Camp
  • Fern Lodge
  • First Water
  • Falling Sign
  • Upper Mt. Zion
  • Lower Mt. Zion

Trail Head

  • Gabrielino Trail
  • Upper Winter Creek


  • Mt. Zion

Fire Roads

  • San Olene Truck Trail

Abandoned Roads

  • Burma Road


  • Winter Creek
  • Big Santa Anita Canyon
  • East Fork
  • North Fork
  • Bear Trap Canyon
  • McKinley Canyon
  • Bay Tree Canyon
  • Goodwater Canyon

Place Names

  • Tin Can Point
  • Hoegees Dropoff
  • Movie Set Rocks
  • Big Bend
  • Laughing Waters