This is a large-scale, easy-to-use map for people hiking and biking the trails that encompass the Chantry Flat recreation area in the Angeles National Forest. The map is hand-drawn and lettered with particular attention being given to trail junctions, stream crossings and points of interest.

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Physical Sizes: Chantry Flats Map is 15"x22". Trails of Wrightwood map is 28"x19"

Simple & Easy To Use.

Finally, a large scale easy to follow map of the Big Santa Anita Canyon for navigating through this beautiful place! Paper copy is a 15" x 22" rectangle for the Chantry Fats Map or 28"x19" for the new Trails of Wrightwood map. Unlike many conventional maps that you might already have, this oneʼs a bit different.

Extremely Detailed.

This map has a scale of 1 foot to 6,860 feet or to be said another way, 1:6,860. The Mt. Wilson topographic map has a scale of 1:24,000. What this means is that youʼll enjoy a map with nearly 3 1/2 times the scale!

Discover Adventure.

Youʼll recognize such features as stream crossings, trail junctions and other critical points much easier along your route than with conventionally scaled maps. Campgrounds, picnic areas and waterfalls show up clearly and are easily found.